"The details are not the details.
They make the design"

- Charles Eames - 

I'm Carlos.


Before I founded Fiori and Leaves, I ran a successful events company. I soon found that nothing transformed a space – or a mood – like simple, striking arrangements of flowers. I’ve spent years wandering art galleries, painting for pleasure and developing a practiced eye for color and design, so  using the natural beauty of flowers to add artistry to my events came easily to me. My clients kept asking for more – for contemporary, sophisticated bouquets that they couldn’t find in flower shops.


Meanwhile I remembered how some girl friends of mine had confessed to me that they secretly didn’t always love it when their boyfriends gave them flowers. A sweet thought, of course ... but so many bouquets looked kind of tacky, or came in ugly plastic vases …

But my friends did love flowers, of course. Doesn’t everyone? We can all be entranced by a cherry tree in blossom or a walk in a rose garden. The tired old arrangements my friends were used to were hiding that beauty, but there had to be a way to capture it as a spellbinding gift.  And I like a challenge.